Now you can add any kind of script you like to link you share. It can be an email opt-in form, chat widget, brandquiz... anything!

It helps you integrate your links with a huge number of external platforms like MailerLite, Sumo, OptinMonster, Convertfox, Poptin etc.

In order to do that you need to create copy the script from the platform you'd like to integrate with your link and paste at your RocketLink account.

To do that go sign in to your RocketLink account and go to the Promotions tab. 

  1. Click "ADD CUSTOM SCRIPT" button. 

2. Choose a name and brand for your script (it's for internal use only and you can change it later).

3. Paste your script.

4. Click "SAVE" button.

Now your custom script is saved under the name you chose and you can use it with links you create.

5. Go to the "LINKS" tab and click the "NEW LINK" button. 

6. Fill in the form as usual pasting the URL of the link you'd like to shorten and adding pixels or other features if you like.

7. Select "Add CTA" and choose the script you have just created.

8. Click "SAVE" and your link will be created.

Here are a few demos:
MailerLite opt-in popup:
Crisp chat box:
Chaport chat box:

The possibilities are unlimited!

- Remember that the CTA feature uses the iframe technology and will work only if the destination web page allows it.
- RocketLink will check if the web page header options don't forbid the iframe but the website can block it by redirecting the iframed link to the destination URL. In this case the CTA will not work. You need to check every website manually to be 100% sure the iframe is allowed.
- Keep in mind that some widget platforms need you to specify the end domain that is used with the script. 

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