This is a tricky part as most of DNS provider don't allow setting a CNAME record on a root domain. There are, however, few that have this feature and you can use your short custom domain without the need of creating a subdomain.

If you haven't purchased your short domain yet, that's great!

At the time of writing this article the trick works with the following registrars:

This tutorial will show you the process of creating a CNAME record on a root/main domain for use with RocketLink

Go to HOVER and register your domain name with them. We have prepared a video tutorial of the whole process:

If you already have your domain name registered and your provider doesn't allow setting a CNAME record on a root domain, you can still transfer your domain to Hover or Namecheap. Their support will help you go through the process.

Keep in mind, that:

  1. You can't use a root/main domain with RocketLink if you also use it for any website. This method is only for users who need an additional domain name for link shortening purpose ONLY. 
  2. We still strongly advice using subdomains for your custom, branded links.
  3. The settings need to be done in the domain registrar dashboard. It won't work in other hosting provider's cPanel. So you shouldn't setup nameservers if you are going to use this domain only for link shortening.

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